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Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair Tulsa

Auto Mechanic That Comes To You!

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa Mobile Mechanic

Tulsa Mobile MechanicHi I'm Gene, Tulsa's Best Mobile Mechanic

ASE Certified

Certified Master Technician

I am your go-to for getting the absolute best auto/auto repair services around town. Our seasoned experts bring different positive energy that is not usually associated with the auto/auto repair industry. When you call us you save time, energy, and money. Onsite Vehicle Repair is as unique and specific to mobile mechanics as the Wild Onion Dinner is to Tulsa.

I am all about convenience, it is the reason why I'm a mobile mechanic, there are just so many more specialized, personalized, and convenient auto/auto repair services that I can offer that way.

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Tulsa Mobile Mechanic

Car Repair and Maintenance

We bring that same new energy to all our auto/auto repair services, here are our most popular auto/auto repair services:

Tulsa Mobile Mechanic

A wise tourist heading into the Tulsa State Fair for the first time would use a guide to ensure that their experience and navigation through the fair went smoothly. This is exactly like how a smart person would use expert mobile mechanics from our team when they go to look at a new or used vehicle so we can make sure each one gets a pre-purchase inspection.

Tulsa’s best mobile mechanics are always on the go so we can provide you onsite vehicle repair which is basically just us coming out to you rather than you need to bring your vehicle in. 

Tulsa Mobile Mechanic
Tulsa Mobile Mechanic

Tulsa’s Cain’s Ballroom was the origin of the musical genre of Western Swing, and diagnostics are the origin of the auto repair service process, everything starts there with a solid and correct diagnosis your vehicles issues will be solved. Without this expert level diagnostics process we provide there is room for error and often are errors when your vehicle is diagnosed by our competition.

The best mobile mechanics in Tulsa are who you want to be the ones who do your brake replacements and repairs, they are critical to your safety.

Tulsa Mobile Mechanic
Tulsa Mobile Mechanic

Without these two parts working in unison under the hood your engine will not power up and your vehicle will not zoom, zoom.  No one else can make the commitment that we do when it comes to making certain that these parts are maintained, repaired, and replaced with skill and accuracy so that you will be able to keep your vehicle moving. 

Clearing an engine and all the parts connected to it of all obstructions or issues causing it not to run like a champ is what the main purpose of an engine tune-up is to get the engine back to as close to back to the day you bought the vehicle as it can be when we are done.  

Tulsa Mobile Mechanic
Tulsa Mobile Mechanic

A few drops of water in a buckle from a leak is no big deal but its when that water increases both from the leak and in the bucket that it starts to become a bigger and bigger problem that grows the leak and can potentially overflow the bucket.  Think of regular vehicle maintenance in a similar way, the more you let the maintenance on your vehicle go the more the issues build up and get worse. 

Tulsa Mobile Mechanic

Tulsa Mobile Mechanic

Tulsa is known as the oil capitol of the world but that is only one of the many things that is offered by this city. Our residents bring a new type of energy to the nation and to the world and we bring that same new energy to all that we do. It is no different when it comes to the best mobile mechanics in Tulsa, we also bring new energy, but new energy to the auto mechanic services game.  

You may ask how does your team bring a new kind of energy to auto/auto repair services?

We do this by infusing that new kind of energy into every part of the auto/auto repair services process.  We will list out and expand upon a few different examples of how we do this below:

Customer Service- We bring that new type of energy into our customer service experience, that new type of energy is the way we treat you. With our professional mobile mechanics that energy is completely different, you feel positive energy immediately, you can tell we are excited and pumped up to interact with you, to have you as a customer, and to provide any auto/auto repair services that you may need, and you have no question as to whether we have empathy for you or if we care because it is blatantly obvious that we do and we do so strongly. We would liken the comparison to eating at Bill Sims BBQ versus eating at a run-of-the-mill BBQ spot.  

Work Quality- Tulsa’s best mobile mechanics bring a new type of energy when it comes to the work quality of all auto/auto repair services that we provide. Our team provides top-quality work with all our auto/auto repair jobs and the type of energy brought by us is focused deeply on this present service or repair and makes certain that the work done is of the highest quality and that any fixes that are made on your vehicle are the right ones and that the repairs are done to perfection. This level of attention and care is not the norm in the auto/auto repair industry, but it should be, and we are working our tails off every day to keep pushing towards a day where it will be.  We need your help with that of course by only choosing the mobile mechanics that provide this level of service and caring you help us take one step closer to that goal.

Convenience- Being the best mobile mechanics in Tulsa is something we value immensely, so making sure convenience is a part of the process for you is crucial to our business model. It is like how making the best-baked items is part of the business model for the nationally renowned Pancho Anaya Mexican Bakery, our business model incorporates convenience on top of being the best at the auto/auto repair services we provide. We ensure that your schedule is used as the basis for scheduling auto/auto repair services and maintenance, coming out to you to perform the auto/auto repair services, and eliminating other time-wasting and money-costing elements that the competition in town usually incorporate into their auto/auto repair services.

  • Doing the auto/auto repair work on your schedule- Our team of mobile mechanics does everything in our power to give you the ability to have any work performed during a time frame that you want/choose to be done. 
  • Driving out to you to provide auto/auto repair services- A veteran mobile mechanic drives out to you because we are mobile as the name implies, we can do this and meet you wherever you need us to meet you. Normally with the other guys, you would have to be towed to them or meet them at their repair shop or wherever they perform the work and repairs at. 
  • Misc. time and money-saving convenience- To name a few: time saved waiting in line, time saved waiting for a tow truck, money saved from having to pay for a tow truck, and money saved from not having to waste more time waiting to get work or repairs done. 

**Warranty Terms- 12,000 miles or 1-year warranty on all parts and labor**

Contactless Service & Car Sanitization After Service

All mobile mechanic services are now contactless to help keep everyone healthy. Watch from your window while our mechanics work in your driveway. Never make contact with anyone or anything except for your repaired and sanitized vehicle.

​We are working hard to keep essential service workers on the road. Learn about on-site repairs, so your car will be ready by the time you are off work.